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Photo Journal - Building an OM Model Acoustic Guitar

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

This is a photo journal of my build: an OM Model acoustic guitar:

  • Indian rosewood back-n-sides / Spruce top

  • Flamed maple binding

  • Ebony fretboard and bridge

  • Mahogany back braces

  • Reversed kerfing

  • Hand rubbed, french polish with Blonde Shellac

Continuing the discussion of whether "kit" guitars are a worthwhile endeavor - and as I've noted previously it depends on the kit; i.e., where you buy it. This kit was purchased from LMI (Luthier Mercantile International), materials alone at today's pricing would run around $700 but you're getting high grade stuff. I was online the other day and saw a post by a guy that was starting a build and his comment was along the lines of I opened my LMI kit and it was essentially a box of sticks. That's because LMI sends you a billet and you cut your own braces, install your own rosettes, build and shape your own neck ... and so on. Alternatively, you can pay just a bit more and get parts that are preshaped such as the fretboard, the bridge, the neck as an example. Build a quality guitar at your skill level and access to woodworking equipment.

I thought I'd show a 2 minute video of the build process from an LMI kit, it is a manageable process, albeit complicated and requiring attention to detail and patience.

At SCISM DESIGNS we offer one-on-one classes to build your own acoustic guitar (OM or Dreadnought models), or tenor ukes. See: today and sign up - this pandemic isn't going to last forever.

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