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Build an Acoustic Guitar: Is There Affordable Help Available

Online Courses There are a ton of videos online - it seems that if you want to learn anything quickly and with a visual demonstration, YouTube has likely got something worth watching. But it's also frustrating - with respect to guitar building, many of these are enjoyable to watch they are often short videos of a whole build and it's tough to really learn much technique or to gain much insight into how to approach a difficult part of the build.

Most frequently, the guide booklets that come with a kit purchase are either non-existent or woefully inadequate for a first build. There is simply so much detail and nuance involved, getting a good tone and a solid instrument requires that joints be exact, that braces be carved or voiced with a solid understanding of how they affect tone and volume and how much of the material can/should be removed - and where. The list goes on - building an acoustic instrument is a complex undertaking.

But there is one source that I have found - tremendous, painstakingly detailed video courses available for purchase through O'Brien Guitars: I studied under Robbie O'Brien so I may be somewhat biased, admittedly, but his courses are so helpful and informative that I bought a few even after he taught me how to build from scratch. His extensive course on building acoustic guitars will set you back about $270 but the videos are yours to keep via download or accessible through his website.

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