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One-on-One Workshops

Build a Guitar During the Day
See the Sights and Sounds of the Nashville Nightlife
It takes about 2 weeks (70-80 hours) to build a guitar.  We can put together a schedule to fit your availability:  for example:
1) 7 days at 10 hrs/per day
2)  2 weeks at a more normal pacing, allowing you time to see the sights in Nashville in the evenings. 
3) Can't Stay That Long - Split the build into two or three different build sessions to accommodate your schedule.
LOCATION:  My shop is just outside Nashville, TN. - it's about a 20 minute drive to be downtown Nashville for your entertainment in the evenings. 
COST:  Guitar:  $2,500 includes all materials and supplies (OM or a Dreadnought model guitar)
             Uke:     $ 1,500 includes all materials and supplies
PAYMENT:  (non-refundable) $750 down is required to save your seat and  purchase materials for a guitar workshop, $500 for a ukulele..  Balance paid in full by the start of class.  You will leave with a quality instrument plus the knowledge and skills so that you can build another on your own
EXPERIENCE LEVEL REQUIRED:  While it is helpful if you have done any woodworking, it is absolutely not required and we can build you a quality guitar with no experience - and a little patience.
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