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This box literally screams unique and beautiful - from the wonderfully colorful painted pyrography flower on the top to the inlaid crushed turquoise stone used to fill voids in the wood.


Hand-made from the rough wood of a pallet runner, this poplar wood takes on a second wind that will have it live virtually forever. I love making items from wood that otherwise is destined for a burn pile or a ditch to rot.


Whether treating yourself or giving this as a gift, this item will certainly be a conversation piece and a treasured item in any home.


Dimensions: 12" (l) x 2-5/8" (w) x 3" (h)   Weight: 1 lb or less

Painted Flower Top with Turquoise Bandsaw Box

SKU: paintedflowertopbandsaw
  • 12" (l) x 2-5/8" (w) x 3" (h)

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